Cockerill® CPWS Gen.2

Cockerill® CPWS GEN. 2 remote operated turret

The remote operated  Cockerill® CPWS station (Cockerill® Protected Weapon Station) is equipped with up to the minute and proven technologies along with a wide range of medium caliber 25 and 30 mm guns. (NG 25mm M242 or 30mm M230LF, Nexter 25mm M811….)

It provides light and high mobility vehicles and troop transport vehicles with high fire-power, increasing their capacity for firing support, self-protection and support.

Its crew can load the whole of the weapons system from the interior, thus remaining under the protection of the armor. The Cockerill® CPWS turret has a total storage capacity of 150 medium calibre munitions, depending on the type of weapon mounted. It is also equipped with a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun and can accommodate various supplementary systems such as grenade launchers.

Firing control, 24/7 use

The Cockerill® CPWS turret is equipped with a bi-modal stabilized high performance (thermal) day/night sight for 24 hour use. The aiming system provides the operator with panoramic 360° vision, independently of the position of the turret. Once locked onto the target, the gun automatically aligns with the aiming system. A ballistics computer guarantees the highest probability of hitting the target when firing on the move.

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