In-service support

John Cockerill Defense supports the user throughout the use of its product.

Spare parts, repairs and tools

  • Sale of spare parts from a catalogue or lists according to user needs
  • Supply of spare parts kits according to a user profile and the customer’s needs
  • Logistical flow (transport and administrative documents)
  • Storage (including ammunition)
  • Diagnosis and repair
  • Stores configuration management
  • Obsolescence management

Maintenance & support activities

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance in the customer’s own facilities or on John Cockerill’s own site, based on technical manuals. This maintenance can even include customer-specific activities.
  • All types of weapon systems and wheeled or tracked vehicles
  • Failure monitoring and corrective action systems
  • Provision of qualified personnel
  • Planning and management of maintenance activities
  • Fleet and infrastructure management
  • Remote technical support (online assistance):
    • Troubleshooting and fault-finding,
    • Problem identification and item tracking
    • PMCS (Preventive maintenance checks and services) and assistance with maintenance tasks
    • Technical problems
    • Real-time, short-notice online support, led by a technical expert
    • Support and advice throughout the life cycle of the equipment
  • Contacts :

Upgrading and modernization

Innovative by nature, our expert teams anticipate the ever-changing demands of modern land forces in terms of firepower, mobility and protection requirements. They strive to provide an optimal level of capability and support to existing weapon systems or military vehicles. These support actions require, among other things, a review of equipment engineering. This consists of the modernisation of one or more sub-components of the system, following their obsolescence, their reliability, or to increase their performance:

  • Engineering study
  • Assembly and machining (see production resources)
  • Integration of equipment
  • Change of configuration
  • Functional testing (engines, brakes, etc.)
  • Hydraulic and electrical refurbishment

End of life management

John Cockerill Defense manages the progressive withdrawal of equipment at the end of its life. In parallel, John Cockerill Defense also offers the dismantling of decommissioned equipment and its, recovery, recycling and waste disposal.

Upgrading and modernization
End of life management
John Cockerill defence maintenance
Maintenance & support activities
Spare parts, repairs and tools

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