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A novative player in the industrial security sector

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John Cockerill Security is a novative player in the industrial security sector* in its approach and its vision of the security, safety and sovereignty issues of today and tomorrow.

*company member of GICAT and AN2V


We made the choice of exclusive technological partnerships by combining our capabilities as an integrator and project manager. We offer the deployment, operation and maintenance of proven solutions in demanding environments.


How can we better protect our cities, our citizens, our industrial sites, our armed forces, our leaders and elected officials when the nature of the threats is constantly changing?

On land, at sea and in the air, the vectors used to reach us are increasingly sophisticated and fast. Today, it is no longer enough to detect, but it is also necessary to analyze and understand, almost in real time, the nature of the threat in order to activate the means to neutralize it in a proportionate manner.


The fast growth of John Cockerill Security has led us to evolve in the world of technological innovation.
The choice of an innovative and dynamic R&D through the aggregation of technological bricks in line with the specific needs and requirements of our customers and operators is an important axis of our development.

With the help of recognized industrial partners, our mission is to respond appropriately to the increasingly complex and diversified threats of today’s world.

John Cockerill Security provides the guarantee of a sovereign development, through an investment in R&D that allows us to anticipate future challenges, and through a permanent dialogue with the governmental forces and the various players in the industrial ecosystem.

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Electro-optical/infrared observation systems for surveillance and investigation activities


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