Cockerill® 1030

Cockerill® 1030 Unmanned turret

The new compact, lightweight, modular, configurable Cockerill® 1030 unmanned turret combines high firepower turret (30x173mm) with high mobility requirements and an up-to-date open architecture digital technology.

The Cockerill® 1030 is the lightweight and more affordable turret based on the experience of John Cockerill Defense with more than 600 in service 30mm turrets.

European know-how at the service of reliability and high performance

The different variants of the Cockerill® 1030 allow it to be deployed in various environments such as desert, urban, and amphibious with a composite shell and an innovative robotic solution.

The Cockerill® 1030 is the European turret that can answer to all your needs for medium calibre firepower with a reliable future proof design.

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