Agueris® simulators: the operational training solution

Defense simulation

John Cockerill Defense simulation solutions are developed within Agueris®, a first rate player in the domain of training and simulation. It conceives, develops, integrates, deploys and supports military simulation solutions for weapons systems and vehicles.

Agueris® simulators are the ideal solution for acquiring:

  • The necessary technical know-how for having total mastery of the weapons system and the vehicle in any context or situation;
  • The tactical know-how enabling units to react with precision when confronted with different operational contexts.

From generic simulators…

Generic virtual simulators destined for training in firing are based on the concept of immersion in a virtual cockpit. Training destined for the crew (commander, gunner) or for the driver. These simulators are adaptable and can accommodate several systems: a simulator can move from one weapons system to another. A single simulator thus enables training on several systems.

… to on-board simulators

Thanks to the on-board operational training solutions of Agueris®, the real vehicle or the real turret can themselves become the simulator. The simulation system is connected to the physical equipment in a hangar, and the crew trains within its real environment and using the existing controls.

Apart from simulators, Agueris® also provides end users with the possibility of raising their powers of simulation thanks to its teams dedicated to the support, maintenance and assistance.

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