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Campus cockerill Defense training

John Cockerill Defense offers a complete range of services for the commissioning of various systems and equipment

Validation of designed elements

John Cockerill Defense designs and implements test procedures to enable the validation of elements such as equipment, tooling or procedures…


John Cockerill Defense provides the equipment and technical means necessary for the maintenance, testing or training activity, at the best cost and in compliance with the fleet management objectives.

Perception and ownership

John Cockerill Defense facilitates the transfer and commissioning of new systems by acting as a bridge between OEMs and the customer.

Virtual or augmented reality training

John Cockerill Defense develops and conducts tailor-made training courses dedicated to combat system and turret operators as well as maintenance technicians at all levels of maintenance.
A comprehensive training concept that addresses both Cockerill® weapon system customers and John Cockerill Defense’s institutional and private partners who wish to rely on our efficient expertise for their defence and security needs.

Training that combines theory and practice:

  • on real customer weapon systems;
  • on the latest generation of Agueris® simulators, some of which are vehicle mounted;
  • with live firing on dedicated firing ranges;
  • at all levels of equipment maintenance.

Rich and diversified training:

  • the receipt of new equipment;
  • technical and technical operational use of in-service equipment;
  • maintenance and improvement of customer knowledge throughout the life cycle;
  • crew training, including live firing control.

Our comprehensive, secure and unique training system is based on a four-pillar structure:

  • A main training centre in Commercy (France), with modern training resources, John Cockerill Defense equipment (vehicles, Cockerill® turrets and Agueris® simulators) and information networks;
  • Advanced Training and Firing facilities (ATF) located in the military camp of Suippes (France);
  • A robust logistic organisation, including ammunition storage facilities;
  • An integrated operational organisation.

Because it meets the requirements of adaptation and evolution specific to John Cockerill, our training system is transportable to other sites outside France and adaptable to other configurations.

Field application

Implementation of test and training campaigns in our advanced firing and training centres located at the Suippes military camp (France).

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Validation of designed elements
Validation of designed elements
Perception and ownership
Virtual or augmented reality training
Field application

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