John Cockerill Defense signs strategic Teaming Agreement with EDGE Group entity NIMR

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February 21st 2023

John Cockerill Defense and EDGE Group entity NIMR proudly announce the signing of a Teaming Agreement to jointly explore opportunities for the development and marketing of the innovative Cockerill® i-X.

Following the successful launch of the Cockerill i-X in 2022, John Cockerill Defense has completed a series of mobility and live fire trails with the prototype vehicle that is present on the John Cockerill Defense stand, Hall 12, Stand B14, at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX).

Thierry Renaudin, CEO of John Cockerill Defense, said: “We at John Cockerill are enthusiastic to begin working with NIMR.  They have shown themselves to be fully committed to the development and production of combat-proven military vehicles.  Our joint knowledge and experience will enable us to make the Cockerill i-X the weapon system of the future that will best meet the needs of international armed forces. I look forward to our two companies working together on this exciting project.

The detailed Press Release:

military IDEX defense trade cockerill
military IDEX defense trade cockerill
military IDEX defense trade cockerill