Eurosatory 2024: John Cockerill Defense presents its full range of products and services, including its solutions dedicated to security and protection of sensitive sites

Eurosatory 2024

June 17th 2024

Paris John Cockerill Defense, technological leader in 25 to 120 mm calibre weapon systems, is proud to present our new products at Eurosatory 2024 (Hall 5A – Stand B217), including our new Agueris-brand cabin-based simulator. John Cockerill Defense Sécurité is also present with its 4 products on display. Here is an overview of our recent developments.


John Cockerill Defense is exhibiting the new Agueris high-fidelity cabin-based training simulators for armoured vehicles. These simulators combine highly representative cabins mounted on motion platforms. They support a full range of training needs from crew-level driving and gunnery technical training up to platoon-level tactical training. A live cabin-based simulator of a Cockerill C3105 turret is on display on our stand. These new simulators are the latest high-end addition to the family of Agueris training simulators which already include virtual gunnery trainers, embedded simulators and virtual maintenance trainers. Come and try it on our booth!


The Cockerill® i-X (“i” for “interceptor” and “X” for “modular-multi-weapons system). It’s the first ever ground interceptor and is a breakthrough combat system for territorial defense interception: engage and defeat incoming threats before they reach their objective.

Last October, the Cockerill i-X once again demonstrated its incredible speed and unrivalled stability, firing at over 120km/h and hitting the target every time.

The Cockerill® i-X is born from the merger of the technological excellence of weapon systems and the expertise of rally raid performance, and it represents a break with traditional concepts and imposes a new paradigm of military land operations.

The vehicle is capable of moving at very high speeds on-road and off-road (with a thermal or hybrid thermal-electric drive train), light, stealthy (appearance management with adaptive camouflage, and modification of IR and acoustic signature), integrating multi sensor data fusion technology (Smart Helmet, on-board intelligence AI, cameras, sensors : LWS, Acoustic Gunshot detection and localization) and capable of integrating a suite of effective weapons (such as 25mm, 30mm, Missiles, Rockets,…) depending on the threat to be neutralized, with the possibility to intergrate new generation of effectors.

Other striking innovative aspects concern the weapon system which will be completely retractable to ensure its stealth and speed. The vehicle will be quickly transportable by Air (plane, helicopter, droppable by parachute), Sea and Land (train, truck).


The Cockerill® 1030 : Lightweight, precise, multi-mission, with a fully amphibious version, and with high firepower, the Cockerill® 1030 is the answer to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s armed forces. Lightweight (<1.5t with level 2 ballistic protection) and compact (1.5m ring diameter) with a capacity of up to 200 rounds, equipped with 2 digital sighting systems, able to elevate to 70°, and with the ability to integrate a wide range of accessories such as AT missiles, rockets, APS, 360° close observation… it is the ideal weapon system for all types of vehicles and missions (APC, IFV, anti-UAV, amphibious, …). Thanks to more than 1,000 turrets in service around the world today, the John Cockerill Defense team has acquired a unique experience in terms of reliability and performance from which the Cockerill®1030 benefits.


In addition, John Cockerill Defense also presents the Cockerill® CPWS. Lightweight, remotely operated and equipped with a single hatch known as a “convertible roof” that can be positioned in four different modes (closed for protection, slightly open for “sniper” operations, monitoring in the raised position and fully open for emergency exits or maintenance).

The Cockerill® CPWS is a modular turret that allows the integration of several weapons such as a 25x137mm (e.g. M242) or a 30x113mm (e.g. M230LF) accompanied by a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. This turret is integrated into the M113 vehicle and presented on our booth. The same turret is presented on the Arquus booth.


Eurosatory is also an opportunity to (re)discover the Cockerill® 3000 Series modular turret and its different calibre guns that it can integrate: 30x173mm, “super 40mm”, 90mm, and 105mm  Recently delivered in hundreds of examples worldwide, the Cockerill® 3105 is also integrated into AMRA2 vehicle and presented on the Otokar booth.


Finally, Eurosatory will be the occasion to present two innovative development projects in which John Cockerill Defense teams play a major role: the VIRGA, modification of radar and thermal signatures via active and passive solutions, and OPTIMIS, innovative MMI used a helmet-based system (on display with the Cockerill i-X), projects.


John Cockerill Defense Sécurité will also be present on booth EF185 in Hall 6 on the GRAND EST pavilion, and will be exhibiting its 4 safety and security technologies:

  • COCKERILL® Drone Sentinelle: drone detection and control system, a unique technology enabling the take over and physical recovery of a drone identified as an enemy.
  • Combined with an electro-optical system (COCKERILL® DRONE SURVEY version), the operator can check beforehand whether the drone has a charge, and if so, the landing site is established in a safe and secure zone.
  • COCKERILL® EOIR: a range of IR electro-optics for medium and long-range surveillance (from 0 to 50 kilometers).
  • COCKERILL® Stereovision: perimeter protection through stereoscopic detection and AI
  • COCKERILL® Access Control: biometric access control system based on facial recognition, adaptable to any type of access (access door, rising barrier, turnstile, gate).

Our sales and engineering/R&D teams will be on hand throughout the show to present our technologies and answer visitors’ questions.


Thierry Renaudin, President of John Cockerill Defense: “These five days at Eurosatory are an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the consistency, breadth and innovative nature of John Cockerill Defense’s offer. The current geopolitical context requires us to respond even more effectively and innovatively to the needs of the armed forces. Our teams look forward to presenting the latest programs they are working on”.

Eurosatory 2024
Eurosatory 2024
Eurosatory 2024
Eurosatory 2024